They Do Exist!

Episode 2- Miss America 2019, Nia Franklin

December 10, 2019

Music Used-

Sunflower. Composed by Nia Franklin- taken from 

Quando M'en Vo. Puccini. Performed by Nia Franklin at Miss America 2019- taken from-

Miss America 2019, Nia Franklin- Instagram- @NiaImaniFranklin and Twitter- @NiaTheNote

ComposerHer- Twitter- @ComposerHer and Instagram- @ComposedByHer

Emilia DiCola- Twitter- @EmiliaDiCola and Instagram- @EmiliaDiCola

They Do Exist!- Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook- @TheyDoExistPod

*For tickets to Miss America 2020 on December 19 at Mohegan Sun, go to

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